Ankle & Foot Care Center Now Caring For Bellflower Patients


Bellflower, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bellflower, California -

The CA based Ankle & Foot Care Center is pleased to announce that their team is now seeing patients in Bellflower. Patients are welcome to schedule a consultation with one of the clinic’s podiatrists if they have any concerns about their foot and ankle health. The clinic takes same-day appointments and can even provide in-home visits for patients in need.

A number of services are available at Ankle & Foot Care Center Bellflower, including sports medicine, ingrown toenail removal, custom orthotics and wound care. The clinic’s primary goal is to relieve their patients’ discomfort and symptoms in order to help them regain their mobility and expected quality of life. As such, given that few people are familiar with the medical terms in podiatry, they suggest that patients simply consider making an appointment if they experience any pain or discomfort in their feet and ankles.

Dr. Hassan of Ankle & Foot Care Center
Dr. Hassan of Ankle & Foot Care Center

“We understand that it is tempting to look up your symptoms online if you feel pain or any other unusual sensation in your feet,” comments Ankle & Foot Care Center Bellflower. “While this can be educational up to a point, we strongly advise against any attempt to diagnose yourself or anyone else. Many, many factors have to be taken into consideration when making a diagnosis, and only a professional is trained to uncover the most likely culprit by careful process of elimination and other methods.”

They continue, “Giving yourself an incorrect diagnosis will most likely lead to any of a number of undesirable outcomes, from unnecessarily causing yourself distress to possibly making you brush off a serious ailment instead of seeking your doctor’s advice. In any event, if you are worried about your feet, the best response is to come talk to us.” The clinic adds that their staff speak Spanish as well, so a language barrier will not affect the quality of care they provide.

Ankle & Foot Care Center Bellflower is equipped with a wide array of leading diagnostic tools and treatments, giving patients the benefit of a state-of-the-art medical facility whenever they need assistance. The clinic’s capabilities include digital X-rays, ultrasound and FDA-approved laser treatments for various podiatric diseases. Patients can seek treatment for Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Instability, Calluses, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Ingrown Toenails, Athlete's Foot, Peripheral Neuropathy and much more.

The clinic accepts a wide variety of major health plans as well, so patients are likely to find that their clinic visit and treatment is covered by insurance. Patients with Medicare, Molina Healthcare, Anthem BlueCross, Cigna and more are covered to one extent or another, and the clinic welcomes inquiries from patients who wish to ascertain whether they are in the network.

Ankle & Foot Care Center Bellflower’s primary podiatrist is Mohammed Hassan, DPM. He is a foot and ankle surgeon with a comprehensive educational background in the field as well as numerous years of experience. A full breakdown of his qualifications can be found on the clinic’s official website. During consultations, however, most patients share that his conservative approach to treatment is what sets them at ease, given that he explores every possible alternative before considering or encouraging any surgical options. Since patients tend to prefer minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Hassan aims to help them avoid invasive procedures wherever possible — except where there is no other reliable option. Notably, his ability to converse with patients in Spanish makes him an excellent resource for those who might otherwise see their concerns go unheard simply due to linguistic misunderstandings.

As J. James says in their review of the clinic, “Dr. Hassan is great and cares about his patients. I have never had a doctor walk all the way with me to get a prescription filled at the pharmacy. He made sure I received the correct medication for treatment. I recommend!”

Ankle & Foot Care Center Bellflower treats a wide range of conditions, and they are always pleased to provide any assistance they can to a member of the community. In addition to appointments made over the phone or via email, the clinic’s website allows patients to request a consultation at any time. Alternatively, social media users may connect with the clinic through Facebook, Twitter and more.


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