NordLocker’s new feature allows users to share files via a link


LONDON, Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordLocker, an encrypted cloud storage provider, is pleased to announce that both business and individual NordLocker customers will be able to share their files more conveniently thanks to a new feature called Share a Copy.

Available on NordLocker’s web application, the new feature will allow users to share single items promptly using a securely generated link that keeps the file encrypted while in transit.

“From now on, our users can share their files with anyone, anywhere, with just a few clicks, without sacrificing an ounce of security. This is a huge step towards securing a file’s entire lifecycle. With your data being most at risk when it’s in transit, NordLocker ensures that your files are encrypted along their way to the receiver, and you remain their owner even when they reach their destination,” says Tomas Smalakys, chief technology officer at NordLocker.

Using the new feature and sharing a file for NordLocker users will be very easy. Users will need to generate a link and a security code by clicking “Share a copy” next to the chosen file.

“This new feature opens up numerous benefits for our users. Users with a Personal plan can now share their files with much less worry about their data ending up in the wrong hands. Our business customers can utilize the Share a Copy feature to build partner confidence by sharing files securely, increase the transparency of business file management, and enjoy peace of mind by staying compliant with various privacy and security regulations,” says Darius Borisas, head of business development at NordLocker.

Other recent news

iOS app. Alongside the new feature, NordLocker is launching its brand-new iOS app. Available now from the App Store, the native application features an intuitive design with zero security compromises — a big step towards file security on the go.

New Architecture. Back in December 2022, NordLocker migrated to an entirely new architecture that not only vastly improved our applications’ speed but future-proofed our infrastructure and set a foundation for many exciting new features.


NordLocker, part of Nord Security, is an end-to-end file encryption tool with a private cloud. It was created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN – one of the most advanced VPN service providers in the world. NordLocker is available for Windows, macOS, and iOS, supports all file types, offers a fast and intuitive interface, and guarantees secure sync between devices. With NordLocker, files are protected from hacking, surveillance, and data collection. For more information:


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